Terms & Conditions

Love your mattress


  • Always carry your mattress flat on its side.This will reduce the chance of mattress getting damaged.
  • Always rotate your mattress every few months for prolonged support and life.
  • Always flip a reversible mattress. These are designed to provide the right support regardless of the side you are sleeping on.
  • Always cover your mattress, as it's difficult to clean stained upholstery.
  • Never smoke in the bed and preferably off it as well.
  • Never mistake your mattress for a trampoline or diving board or sit on the edges could distort the shape.
  • Always keep your mattress dry, protect it from any liquids including dry cleaning fluids. This might impact the construction.
  • Never bend/ fold your mattress. This will impact the core and construction of the product
  • Never remove the tag from your mattress. This is required to avail guarantee.

Terms and


Duroflex Mattresses are warrantied against any manufacturing defect for a period varying from 1 to 10 years from the date of purchase. For products with 1 year warranty period, during the first 6 months, the mattresses will be replaced if there is any manufacturing defect as mentioned below. If the remaining 6 months. For products with 2 to 10 years warranty period, during the first year the mattress will be replaced if there is any manufacturing defects as mentioned below. During the subsequent years a prorated warranty will be applicable.

  • Warranty will be available only in case of product failure due to manufacturing defect.
  • Product failure is limites to sagging of the core of the mattress.
  • Reduction of thickness of >20% will be considered as sagging.
  • Warranty will not be applicable to the wear and tear of the cover and stitching from regular use.
  • Warranty is valid only if the product is purchased from ah authorized Duroflex Dealer.
  • Warranty will be available only under the proper use of product.
  • Approach the authorized dealer who sold the mattress with the invoice and Warranty Card in case of product failure. Invoice and warranty card must be provided to avail warranty.
  • Warranty will be made through product being replaced with identical product. If identical product is not available at the time of product failure a similar substitute of equal or higher value will be provided or a refund will be provided.
  • The final decision of the Warranty will be made by duroflex Pvt Ltd.
  • Disputes, if any subject to Bangalore jurisdiction.