7 Reasons to Invest in a Mattress Protector

A mattress protector is a bed covering that envelopes a mattress, thereby protecting it from stains and spills. One of the primary reasons why people purchase mattress protectors is to safeguard mattresses from toddlers who haven’t yet got rid of the habit of bed-wetting. Accidents are bound to occur, and mattress protectors ensure that the whole process is not panic-inducing for all involved.

A mattress protector not only offers protection from stains and spills but also provides comfort while you are asleep. Buying a mattress is a substantial investment and is often used at least for five to six years, and a mattress protector boosts its durability, resilience, as well as comfort. And if you sweat through the night, have newborns or spill water often, a mattress protector is a must-have.

Why is Mattress Hygiene Important?

Mattress hygiene has a direct influence on your sleep quality and is a measuring standard of your sleep environment. A mattress with poor cleanliness and which is affected by external agents is equivalent to not having a bath or not wearing laundered clothes.

It is a personal care element that has a direct impact on your overall health and sleep. The occurrence of body odors, moisture, dust, mites, or other factors are indicators of health risks. A mattress must be the safest place for you and not a breeding ground for infections or external agents.

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What is a Mattress Protector?

A mattress protector is a wide removable sheet that covers the whole mattress and protects it against microbes, spillage and things that could cause allergic reactions. The regular bed sheet is placed on top of that. There are several types of mattress protectors that can fulfil your requirements. You can select one that resembles a fitted sheet or one with zippers. You can also choose protectors made from different materials, such as polyester, cotton or plush.

Many of these mattress protectors are made from water-resistant substances that will allow air to flow between the protector and the mattress. There are protectors that have a cooling effect, thereby making sure that your body does not overheat.

Why Should You Purchase a Mattress Protector?

There are several reasons why you should purchase a mattress protector:

Keeps your mattress spot-free: The clearest reason to invest in a mattress protector is that it will keep your mattress fresh and tidy. Consider the various things that you may possibly spill on your bed, particularly if you have the habit of eating in bed. Do you wish to drop that glass of milk on your brand-new mattress? There are several things that can spoil your mattress. If you sweat profusely while you are asleep, your mattress will get soaked. All your body’s dead skin cells and fluids could also possibly ruin your mattress. With a mattress cover, you can protect it from all kinds of accidents.

Protects your investment: The life of an average mattress is somewhere around 6 to 10 years with innerspring mattresses featuring on the lower end of the scale, while memory foam having a chance of lasting for up to 15 years if maintained properly. It all depends on how well you use your mattress. Several mattresses have warranties, but it will not apply if the mattress gets damaged or stained. Therefore, a good mattress protector will keep your investment protected.

Is easier to clean: Mattress covers are easier to clean than the mattress. You cannot place your mattress in the washing machine, but you surely can throw in your stained mattress protector. If the stains do not go, you can just purchase a new mattress protector. Often vacuum cleaning is recommended for mattresses, but with a mattress cover, you will not have to do that.

Enhances mattress hygiene: People often keep their bedding neat and tidy, but they normally ignore the significance of mattress hygiene. Mattresses are one of the most used items at home and on average, we spend close to 10 hours in bed daily. Sadly, this also means that there are other microbes residing in your bed. For example, an unguarded mattress could be home to:

  • Dead skin cells
  • Bacteria, including E. Coli
  • Bed bugs and dust mites
  • Various types of fungi
  • Silverfish and fleas
  • Airborne pollutants
  • Sweat and fluid build-up
  • Decaying food crumbs
  • Pet hair and fecal matter

With a mattress protector, you can prevent an enabling environment for such pathogens on your mattress.

Leads to fewer allergies: The bed bugs and dust mites cited in the section above are also nasty allergens. In addition to bug bites, their existence could also possibly spark allergic reactions such as dermatitis or asthma. These bugs mainly stay at the corners, crevices and under the stitching of unprotected mattresses. With a mattress protector, you will not have to go through the hassle of cleaning the mattress to prevent allergies.

Helps maintain mattress quality: With a mattress cover, you would be able to maintain the high quality of your mattress even after years of usage. Spillage of any liquid on your mattress or if you perspire while sleeping will wear down the foam in your mattress. This curtails the life of your mattress and will no longer offer you the same amount of comfort. Without a mattress protector, you will have to replace your mattress more often that will be more costly.

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How to Select the Right Mattress Protector

Now that you are aware of the reasons why you must purchase a mattress cover, you could face challenges while determining the one you should buy. If you are purchasing a cover online, go through the customer reviews carefully. You will not know if you will like the mattress protector until you try it on but knowing what others have to say about it is a good place to begin narrowing the possibilities down.

Find out if people have mentioned how soft a protector is, and then look for ones that are labeled that way. Another indicator of the softness of a mattress protector is to know the substance it is made from and to know whether they are water-resistant and breathable or not. You should also find out how long the protectors claim to protect your mattress.

Most mattress covers will get rid of liquid immediately after the spillage, but only a few can keep away persistent exposure as most of them are water-resistant and not waterproof.

Duroflex’s Duro Safe mattress protector offers 99.99% resistance against bacteria and viruses, nullifies the impact of unforeseen spills, stains, and moisture on your mattress and is gentle on the skin and is safe for people with allergies or asthma.

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