What are the Benefits of Buying a Two-Sided Mattress?

The idea of a mattress that could be flipped around and used has existed for a long time in India. As soon as one side of their old mattress starts to sag, people would flip it over, so they could get past the sagging and extend the lifespan of the mattress by sleeping on the other side. This approach is not feasible with one-sided mattresses, due to the way they are built.

Double bed mattresses or two-sided mattresses are made from the core out, typically, an innerspring system surrounded by cushioning that offers complete support to your back. So, both sides of the bed are similar. There are no major differences when it comes to durability between the two types. One-sided mattresses allow brands to build them from the ground up to boost comfort.

An Overview of One-sided Mattress

Since single-sided mattresses cannot be flipped, manufacturers had to put more thought into the construction of single-sided mattresses. This resulted in the production of higher-quality single-sided mattresses that are built to be more durable, longer-lasting, and more comfortable. To achieve this, manufacturers use foam bases of a much higher density, topped by layers of materials such as memory foam and a surface layer that offers a superior level of cushioning.

With a one-sided mattress, you can get a model in the design and shape of your preference. It does not make any difference if you are considering an all-foam model or something with a coil support system. There are several one-sided mattress options available in the market, and you can choose based on the manufacturing style.

An Overview of Two-sided Mattresses

Most two-sided mattresses are conceived in a way that is comfortable, irrespective of the side you are sleeping on. Both sides have a layer of comfort spread uniformly across the surface of the mattress. And most brands often come in the sizes of double, full, queen, and king with options of deluxe, soft, and firm.

A two-sided mattress can be rotated as well as flipped, which guarantees a more even distribution of weight and wear & tear. A two-sided mattress has a longer lifespan, as you have two sides of the mattress that can be used interchangeably.

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Why Should you Purchase a Two-Sided Mattress?

Here is an extensive list of reasons why you should opt for a double bed mattress:

  • You get your money’s worth:
    Two-sided mattresses are normally offered at the same price or a little more than single-sided mattresses, but they provide a greater return on investment.
  • They last longer:
    In comparison to a one-sided mattress, a two-sided mattress lasts much longer. By rotating and flipping the mattress regularly, the padding underneath gets more time to recover, thereby prolonging the life, support, and comfort offered by the mattress.
  • Better distribution of weight:
    With a double-sided mattress, weight is distributed uniformly across the surface, letting the cushioning underneath the mattress recover while you sleep on the top.
    1. Harsh fire code directives:
      Safety is paramount for any product used at home. With two-sided mattresses, the fire code directives are more forceful and detailed. This implies that producers of double-sided mattresses must ensure they fulfil these strict regulations, guaranteeing a safer mattress for their customers.
    2. Get the freedom to decide on when to flip:
      With a double bed mattress, you have the choice to decide when you turn it around. Although it is often recommended that you turn your mattress around every three months, you always have the free will to decide on when you do that.
    3. Offers more comfort:
      When you sleep on one side of a double bed mattress, it gives the cushioning on the other side the time to recover and spring back to its previous shape. This guarantees that when you turn over your mattress frequently, you get reliable levels of relaxation, helping you get a good nights’ sleep.
    4. High standards in terms of quality and wider options:
      At Duroflex, we offer mattresses with numerous filling choices. We provide mattresses that go through a high-quality production process with a variety of materials to choose from. The choice of materials you get at Duroflex is available in only a few mattress stores nationwide.
    5. Reduced impact on the environment:
      A lot of value is placed on the eco-friendly nature of our products. The brands that offer double bed mattresses will guarantee that their products will last long. This helps the natural ecosystem as it will take longer before your mattress needs to be replaced.
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    How Often should a Double-sided Mattress be Flipped?

    It is totally up to the consumer to decide on the frequency of flipping over a double bed mattress. However, you can make the choice a lot easier based on which double bed mattress you have and what the brand suggests. But as a best practice, you should turn it over as frequently as every three months or so or as occasionally as once or twice every year. It is all about prolonging the life of each side of the mattress and the life of the mattress in general. If your double bed mattress has a varied degree of firmness on either side, you can flip it every time you feel like changing the surface you are sleeping on.

    When turning over your mattress, it is important to make sure that you do it appropriately and always make sure you get another person to do it with you.

    There is no clear winner as both double and single-sided mattresses come with their own set of drawbacks and benefits, and it mostly depends on what you are seeking when you are out shopping for mattresses. Eventually, the best mattress for you hinges on several factors, including your budget constraints, how long you would want your mattress to last, comfort for your back and neck, and how simple you wish the upkeep of the mattress to be.

    Do note that one-sided mattresses can be easily maintained, as you do not have to turn them over. But double bed mattresses last longer because you would not sleep on one side all the time. Duroflex offers the best double-sided mattresses as we boast a variety of designs and styles tailored to all your special needs and requirements.

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