How to choose a comforter

Take a step towards getting bedding basics right by knowing how to pick the right comforter for a great night’s sleep.

We spend a third of our lives sleeping. Our bedding, mattresses and pillows play a crucial role in how well we sleep. To transform your bedroom into the perfect sleep sanctuary, never overlook the importance of good bedding along with the right mattress. This is also important because the right bedding and sleep surface helps maintain the right temperature needed to get the most comfortable sleep. When shopped smartly, a comforter is one such bedding item that can greatly help in bringing the warm and cozy feeling the moment temperature drops.

What is a comforter?

A comforter is a popular bedding item made using two lengths of fabric, sewn together with appropriate filling to lend warmth and comfort. While it is the perfect winter accessory, comforters with lighter filling can also be used throughout the year by people who prefer to sleep in an airconditioned room. Just like mattresses and bed sheets, comforters also come in different sizes and one can pick as per the mattress size.

A comforter is very similar to a quilt ( a three layer bed covering ) and a blanket ( made from a single layer of fabric). It also resembles a duvet which is a popular bedding item used widely across Europe. It is fluffier than a comforter and is often used with a cover.

How to choose a comforter?

It is no rocket science to identify which is the best type of comforter for you. Knowledge about the fabric, filling, warmth and the weather conditions are enough to help you shortlist the one that’s worth investing in. Knowing the care and washing instructions also helps in understanding the maintenance demanded by the comforter.

Comforter fabric

Just like bed sheets, there are a lot of fabric choices available for bed comforters as well. Each type of fabric comes with a distinct set of benefits.

Cotton Comforters are a popular choice among people looking for a naturally soft and comfortable feel. They are quite breathable which means it can be one of those comforters that keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. In fact, a comforter made using natural fabrics like linen comforter and bamboo comforter is the best comforter for hot sleepers. It is worth noting that premium cotton and other natural fabric comforters can be quite expensive in comparison to the synthetic fabric ones, might wrinkle faster and need special care to avoid wear and tear.

Comforters made using synthetic fabrics like microfibre are gaining popularity for being a more ergonomic choice than the natural ones. Microfibre comforters are truly lightweight, cosy and very affordable. They also last longer and are easier to maintain.

Comforter filling

Most popular comforter sets include natural fillings like cotton and wool. Cotton comforter is quite breathable while a wool comforter is great for colder months to experience exceptional warmth. Synthetic fills include polyester and microfibre. These synthetic fillings make the comforter lightweight, washable and resilient and also work well in both winter and summer.


A comforter needs to be picked based on the insulation level they promise. The construction of the comforter also plays an important role in deciding how the comforter works for you. For example, a baffle box construction which is a sewing technique in which the comforter’s shell is stitched in small boxes makes the comforter warmer and fluffier. The stitching technique also helps the filling to spread evenly throughout the mattress, promising an even warmth.

Cleaning & Care

Washable comforters are any day a preferred and the most hygienic choice given our current lifestyle. It is certainly worth choosing a comforter that can be easily machine washed and can be dry up quickly. Dry clean only or spot clean comforters can be difficult to maintain in the longer run.

Microfibre comforters come with the advantage of being easily machine washable.

Final Word

It is safe to conclude that it is tricky to compare different comforters available as different comforters serve different purposes. Yes, a lot of us are interested in knowing what kind of comforters hotels use or which is the best lightweight comforter. But with the right amount of knowledge and awareness, one can easily find the best winter comforter and also the best comforter to stay cool.

Our Duroflex Snug Microfibre Reversible Comforter is one that checks all the boxes when it comes to performance and comfort. The 200 GSM microfibre filling not only makes it hypoallergenic but also the right amount of fluffy and cosy. It is also machine washable and truly lightweight.

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