How to Sleep Better in 2022

The onset of the new year is a time to reorganize, rebuild, and refocus.. Getting adequate undisturbed sleep is important to maintain good health. It can keep your skin and hair looking fresh, protect your heart, boost your mental health and a lot more. This new year, get rid of the bad bedtime habits and adopt the myriad benefits of a good night’s sleep.

Read on to know more about improving your sleep quality and following fresh routines that you can build as part of your everyday life to guarantee optimal sleep.

  • Create a bedtime routine:
    Stop being inadvertent about your bedtime. Scrolling on your phone, without any thought or working out too close to bedtime can damage your sleep quality. As an alternative, prepare a ritual that smoothly and purposefully winds you down. Try a warm drink or take some time to make a to-do list for the next day.
  • Use an adjustable memory foam pillow:
    If you are scouting for a new pillow but are choosy about your sleep situation, an adjustable memory foam pillow could be the right choice for you. You can customize it to ensure you get the correct support.
  • Reconnect with nature:
    Spending most of the time indoors in artificial light upsets the natural circadian rhythm. Increasing exposure to sunlight can lower the effects of that circadian interference. Reset your internal clock by spending more time outdoors as it could help you go to bed a couple of hours early and sleep more peacefully.
  • reconnect with nature
    1. Use a sleep cycle tracker:
      Get a smart wearable device that evaluates sleep cycles, detects snoring, tracks heart rate, and other disturbances. It will tell you how much deep sleep you got, the number of times your sleep was disturbed and how long you were fidgety. Analyze the results that these devices show over a period of time, and you can make changes to your sleeping patterns based on it.
      sleep tracker
    2. Get a better mattress:
      Despite following a good bedtime routine and keeping your phone away before bed, if you continue struggling to sleep, your mattress could be to blame. A mattress that's too soft, too firm, or just too outdated could ruin the quality of your sleep.

    At Duroflex, we have several spring mattresses with an underlying support layer that offer excellent comfort and work well for people who need more support. We also have memory foam mattresses that provide light cushioning in addition to back support and allow you to experience optimum comfort.

    If behavioural changes are not improving your quality of sleep, you should discuss your concerns with a doctor. You could have an undiagnosed sleeping condition that needs medical intervention. Based on your doctor’s suggestions, breathing treatments and medications may help enhance your sleep.

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