Keep Your Back And Neck In The Best Shape

Did you know that nearly 60% of the people in India have suffered from lower back pain at some point of time in their lives? How is that going to change when most of the us are encouraged to prepare for a future that is all about restricted movement , longer working hours without the ergonomic support of the office chair and balancing work commitments with home chores?

Unknowingly or so, we are putting a lot of stress on our back and neck as we adapt to the new normal – where work from home is a general mandate and physical activity is limited. As a result, postural issues, neck pains and backaches are on the rise across the globe. With restrictions lifting and us bracing the new reality, a lot still remains changed for the unforeseeable future.

Increased dependence on gadgets, rise in exposure to screens, restricted physical activity and long sitting hours without proper ergonomic support are all part of the new normal and also the reason behind a surge in back and neck related complications.


  • Check Your Posture

A poor posture is often the reason behind back and neck pain as it causes weakening of the lower back tissues and straining of the muscles. As per a study, bending your head at an 60-degree angle to look at a screen puts 60 lbs pressure on your cervical spine – the part of your spine above your shoulders. Continuous slouching or hunching puts pressure on the discs – often worsening lower back pain. It is advised to avoid straining by placing your screen at 0-30 degrees from the eye level.

  • Stay Away From A Sedentary Lifestyle

Lack of physical activity and long sitting hours greatly contribute to back pain and other spine related problems. Weight gain due to inaction can also put additional strain on the back muscles, aggravating back pain. In a report published by Indian Council of Medical Research ( ICMR) in 2018, it was revealed that about 54.4 per cent Indians are physically inactive and less than 10 per cent engage in recreational physical activity. These numbers are only expected to rise due to the current scenario. So, make sure you move around as much as possible, in addition to going for a light walk and incorporating a basic yoga and stretching routine into your daily regimen.

  • Analyse Your Work Environment

A recent survey done by NSSO revealed that working hours in India are one the highest in the world. It has not changed much especially for most IT professionals even with a lockdown in place. Repetitive movements, sitting at one place for long and lying down with a laptop take a toll on the back by impacting the spinal structure. Increased screen usage is another major concern as it causes neck and shoulder pain due to increased strain on muscles, ligaments and spinal discs. It is important to have a designated work space that allows you to maintain proper posture, track your screen usage and make you feel more productive and less prone to serious back and neck issues.

  • Sleep

Studies have proven that back pain interferes with sleep and conversely, lack of sleep increases back pain. It gets difficult to find a comfortable position to sleep if one is experiencing back pain, leading to disturbed sleep. Loss of sleep due to any possible reason like an uncomfortable mattress, stress, discomfort or any underlying health condition can also eventually contribute to back pain. Whereas a good and restorative sleep in an ideal sleep position and the right kind of mattress can actually help ease back pain.

  • Stress Less

It is proven that stress and anxiety have a tendency to convert into physical discomfort and cause tension in the muscles. With increase in the number of people dealing with stress, anxiety and depression, there is also a surge in cases of neck pain, back problems and sleep disorders connected to emotional and psychological factors. This overlooked side effect causing musculoskeletal issues makes it even more important to invest in good sleep as a remedy for both stress and physical pain.



An orthopedic mattress is a mattress designed to provide differentiated support and enhanced pressure relief to the entire body, resulting in best spinal alignment and back support. With back and neck problems on the rise due to changing lifestyle, there has been a huge surge in the demand for orthopedic mattresses.

Investing in the right kind of orthopedic mattress can help combat most of the back and neck related issues at quite an early stage. One just needs to keep the discussed pointers in mind and focus on getting a sound sleep with optimum spine and back support.

Though there are many orthopedic mattresses available, it is recommended to invest in a certified orthopedic mattress that is tested by experts. It’ll help in maintaining and enhancing your posture everyday while you enjoy a restful and enriching sleep.

Duroflex’s Duropedic Range is India’s only certified orthopedic mattress. This mattress range has been tested and recommended by the renowned orthopedists at the National Health Academy. It features a 5 Zoned Certified Orthopedic Support layer which is exclusive to Duroflex and provides differentiated support to each of the 5 zones of the body.

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