Pillow Sizes Chart: A Guide To Every Type Of Bed

Finding the right mattress is a tricky affair, and once done, you know you can be assured of a good night’s rest. Also, having the most appropriate pillows to use on the mattress will enhance sleep quality and quantity. Besides adding the final look to the bed, pillows are the comfort accessories one can use in bed. So, read on to know the different pillow size options available for maximum comfort. Various pillow dimensions and types of pillows are suitable for different kinds of beds.

Pillow Dimensions: Size Chart for Different Types of Pillows

There are different pillow size varieties available, like standard pillow sizes, queen size, king size, and body size.

  • The standard pillow size in inches measures about 20 inches (breadth) by 26 inches (length)
  • The standard pillow size in cms is 51 by 66
  • The king pillow size in inches measures about 20 inches by 36 inches
  • The queen pillow size in inches is about 20 inches by 30 inches.
  • The body pillow sizes for the bed measure about 20 inches by 54 inches.

The above-listed measurements are the chart of the different pillow dimensions available.

Types of Pillows and Their Sizes

Besides grouping pillows based on their sizes, they are also categorised based on the materials used to make them and their purposes. The feel of the pillows, the firmness levels, and the weight of the pillows vary with the kinds of materials used to manufacture them. How much filling is used or the fill Power of the pillows decides their firmness and weight. The most common kinds of pillows available have been described below.

Based on the materials used to fill up the pillows, they may be categorised as follows.

  • Feather-based pillows: Feathers from birds like ducks, geese, etc., are used to fill up pillows. Such pillow varieties are usually expensive and have an incredibly soft feel. The higher the fill power of the pillows the more durable and comfortable they are.
  • Memory foam pillows: As the name suggests, these pillows are made using memory foam and are thus highly supportive. The memory foam used as the filling material in these pillows makes them excellent for pressure relief. They provide extremely good support to the neck or back wherever you choose to use them. The pillows are made with either shredded memory foam pieces or an entire chunk of memory foam in a desired pillow dimension. These pillows are especially beneficial for those people that suffer from pain in the neck or any other joint pain. The shredded memory foam pillows may be adjusted to the shape of the body easily and are, therefore, useful in pressure relief.
  • Polyester pillows: These pillows are made from polyester fibers and are versatile. They may be machine washed and dry up easily. They are easy on the pocket and can therefore be changed often.

Based on the uses of the pillows, the following kinds are available.

  • Decorative pillows: These types of pillows are also called Euro pillows and are typically covered with a cushion cover 26 X 26 inches. They are used for decorative purposes on sofas, beds, or couches. The decorative pillow size is typically 26 inches by 26 inches. These pillows enhance the aesthetic appeal of the couches or beds with their decorative cushion covers in varying colors and themes.
  • Portable pillows: These pillows measure about 12 by 16 inches and are typically meant for traveling purposes. They are made in a small pillow dimension for easy portability.
  • Medical pillows: Orthopaedic pillows are specially designed for medical purposes. They have extreme contouring properties that make them comfortable for neck support, ear support, back support, etc. The pillows come in varying shapes, like hollow shapes or ring shapes, making them ideal for neck or shoulder pain. They are customised based on the area that needs extra support, like the joints, shoulders, neck, etc.
  • Knee pillows: These are shaped in a way that the pillows may be used between the knees when sleeping. Such pillows are especially suitable for side sleepers who need pain-free sleep. The pressure on the spine is considerably reduced with the use of these knee pillows.
  • Thrust pillows: These are triangular-shaped pillows that are typically used by individuals suffering from sleep apnea. They help raise the upper body, opening the airways of apnea patients. Snoring in these patients is considerably reduced, leading to a decrease in the other symptoms of sleep apnea. The pillows are also used by individuals suffering from acid reflux. Here the wedge pillows are used to incline the upper body in bed so as to prevent the stomach acid from regurgitating upwards. The wedge pillow sizes for beds usually range between 20 inches to 25 inches in a triangular shape.
  • Pregnancy pillows: These are customised pillows that are made in a C-shape or U-shape. The C-shaped pillows are typically kept under the whole body when sleeping by pregnant women. The U-shaped pillows are used to support the neck and back. These pillows help pregnant women as their body shape changes during the course of the pregnancy. The pillow sizes of these C-shaped or U-shaped pillows vary from brand to brand.

Why Pillow Size Matters?

Whether you choose a standard pillow size or a king pillow size, using the right pillow size is important for all individuals. Sleeping on a pillow having a larger or smaller size can leave you with a bad sprain in the neck in the morning. Check the various pillow sizes for beds available before buying them. The measurements of pillow sizes in cm or inches must be determined so as to get a pain-free sleep. The alignment of the spine is to be maintained in a pain-free manner with the right kind of pillow. So cradle your shoulders, neck, and back in the best position for a fresh and rejuvenated feeling every day.

How to Choose the Ideal Pillows?

Besides knowing the pillow sizes in inches or cm, when choosing pillow sizes for beds, make sure to know the ‘pillow loft’ or thickness of the pillows. This is measured by keeping the pillow flat on a surface and measuring the height of the flat pillow. Pillows with more loft sizes will be thicker than pillows with low loft sizes. Knowing the pillow thickness will enable you to buy the right kind depending on your sleeping position. Back sleepers need a pillow with a high pillow loft or a medium loft pillow for the proper spinal alignment in bed. Stomach sleepers, on the other hand, may need low-loft pillows to keep the neck and spine properly aligned. Side sleepers can choose a high pillow loft of about 6 inches for the most comfortable position when sleeping. This is to fill up the big space present between the head and the shoulders. So choose the desired pillow loft for the best sleep.


Now that the different pillow dimensions are outlined above in the standard pillow chart, you can use them to find the best pillows for sleep. Whether you need to measure standard pillow size cm or king pillow sizes in inches, different measurements are available. Knowing the various pillow sizes in cm or inches will help you select the exact dimensions needed for your bed or sofa set. Ultimately, the pillow size you choose depends on your comfort level, and it can vary from person to person. If a person is suffering from a postural disorder, a doctor may advise using a pillow of a certain size and firmness. You can check out a wide range of different size pillows right away!

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