Antiviral Mattress Protectors: A Priority for Health & Safety

A mattress carries the capability to play host to a number of viruses, bacteria, dust mites and fungi. We bring a lot of them along with us to our intimate sleep space - our beds. Many of them become a part of our sleep routine as we shed dead skin cells at night, leave drool spots or experience night sweating.

While we might replace our bed linen weekly to maintain hygiene but what about our mattress? The bed sheets we use are quite porous, allowing all the dirt and germs to infiltrate our mattress. Once that happens, there is no turning back as it is not possible to professionally get the mattress cleaned every now and then.

What is an antiviral mattress protector? How is it different from other mattress protectors?

A mattress protector or a mattress cover is essentially a bedding item made to encase your mattress to protect you and your sleep space from allergens, dust and other visible threats like unexpected spills, stains, bed wetting and so on.

It is completely waterproof and resembles a fitted bed sheet. You can easily remove it, wash it and put it back to keep protecting your mattress.

An antiviral mattress protector is the next level protection that further safeguards your mattress from harmful viruses and bacteria. Such mattress protectors use intelligent textile technologies that have the ability to instantly kill viruses one might have unknowingly carried inside.

Who needs an antiviral mattress protector?

The answer actually is - anyone and everyone. With health and safety becoming our biggest priorities, staying cautious of our hygiene is a need of the hour. We spend 1/3rd of our lives sleeping and a lot many hours are now spent working or lounging in bed. The added layer of protection provided by an antiviral mattress protector is more important than ever.

If any of the following scenarios hold true for your current lifestyle, an antiviral mattress protector is a must-have for you:

  • You are prone to allergies & infections
    If you are susceptible to allergies or have weak immunity levels or other serious comorbidity, it is critical to ensure maximum sleep hygiene. This makes an antiviral mattress protector an indispensable essential for you.
  • Your have a toddler at home
    To prevent your mattress from ruining the health of your family, it is highly recommended to have a mattress protector in place if you have kids at home. Continuous bed wetting, baby spit-ups, unexpected spills and stains on the mattress can in no time turn your sleep environment toxic. An antiviral mattress protector will be truly handy in maintaining the highest standards of hygiene and safety at all times.
  • You experience night-time perspiration
    Most humans naturally perspire during night or experience extreme night sweating due to external factors or underlying health conditions. All the sweat and oil from the body gets transferred to the mattress, making it extremely unhygienic. An antiviral mattress protector can act as a shield against this type of dirt and help you maintain a clean sleep environment.
    What more? An antiviral mattress protector with its enhanced protection is a much needed upgrade to defend yourself from life threatening viruses and bacteria. Not just that, it also acts as reliable shield when:
    1. Your sleep space is humid
      High humidity levels can not only result in inadequate sleep but also be a major cause of development of molds and mildew. Continuous exposure to mattress mold can lead to respiratory issues and allergies. A mattress protector being waterproof can prevent moisture seepage into the mattress and help keep it dry and fresh for longer.
    2. You shed dead skin cells at night
      This is one thing we all experience as humans. As per sleep experts, adults typically lose 285 ml of fluid every night and our bedding collects about 454 g of dead skin cells every year which obviously get soaked into the mattress and it is impossible to get them out. A mattress protector acts as a layer of protection that avoids these unwanted elements to enter your mattress.
    3. You want to safeguard your mattress warranty
      Most branded mattresses come with up to 10 years warranty. Unfortunately though if you end up staining your mattress, you most likely won’t be able to claim warranty. A mattress protector helps in keeping your mattress stay new and fresh.

    The final word

    An antiviral mattress protector provides all the benefits of a regular protector with the added safety of being virus and bacteria resistant.

    As the concerns related to personal health and hygiene gain pressing importance, it is not the time to compromise on essentials that directly impact our safety. This makes antiviral mattress protectors a smart add-on for you and your family’s health.

    When looking for an antiviral mattress protector, make sure it is also skin-friendly and comes with a seal of trust from a reputed brand for you to get authentic antiviral protection.

    We also strongly recommend switching to a good quality mattress along with the protector to make sure you experience the most sound, safe and healthy sleep for years to come.

    You can have a look at Duro Safe Antiviral Mattress Protector to understand more. It is powered by innovative Swiss HeiQ Viroblock Technology to provide 99.99% resistance against harmful viruses and bacteria.

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