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Nothing quite beats the warmth and comfort of a double bed. Oh, to be able to sleep freely without worrying about space. And double bedsheets can add a great finishing touch to the coziness. When shopping for double size bedsheets, it is important to know their sizes and materials. Then, if you wish to buy double bedsheets online, you should know the right sites. The next thing is to try and get the best deal and we hope we will be able to help you with that! Buy double size bedsheets online from Duroflex, your ultimate destination for quality 100% cotton bedsheets at competitive prices.

Buy Double Bedsheets from Duroflex

When it comes to home furnishing, you need to make sure that you buy quality products that last long. Cotton bedsheets are more comfortable and breathable, allowing you to control your body temperature and have a more restful night's sleep. Egyptian cotton and Pima cotton are two of the most popular types of cotton for bedsheets, and they're perfect for all weather conditions. Duroflex bedsheets are made of pure cotton and are treated with N9 Pure Silver to keep your bed area fresh, sanitary, and bacteria-free so you can sleep well every night. Freshness Lock Technology neutralises odour-causing germs on touch, ensuring that your bed linen stays fresh for as long as possible.

With our assortment of designer and antibacterial bedsheets, Duroflex's bed linen collection seeks to establish a great balance between health and sound sleep. All of our bedsheets are created with your needs in mind, with high-quality designs and patterns that will please you.

If you want to purchase Duroflex bedsheets, we have made it easier for you to pick sizes and styles. You can browse through our collection of double bedsheets online.

Features & Benefits of Duroflex Bedsheets

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100% Cotton

With 2 pillow covers

Easy care finish

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Free shipping

Safe & hygienic doorstep delivery

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What are fitted bedsheets?

Fitted bedsheets are bedsheets with elasticated edges which can be simply tucked in the mattress edges. Fitted bedsheets are known for their snug fit.

What is double size bedsheet size?

A double bed sheet is used for double beds. The dimensions are 90 x 100 inches with 2 pillow covers of 18 x 28 inches.

Which material is best for double bed?

Any bedsheet with a high thread count of 200 and one made using high-quality fabric is considered durable.