King Size Bedsheet Size Chart 2023

A good, restful, and comfortable sleep is, in fact, a necessity and not a luxury. This is exactly why you need to invest in a high-quality bed as well as comfortable and soft sheets to match the bed. When you select a bed, size is crucial to ensure the best sleep. Read on to learn all about the king size bed sheet size.

King Size Bed Sheet Chart

Mostly, people use four types of beds in India. They are single, double, queen size, and king size beds. However, it is important to note that the size of the pillow covers remains the same for all types of bedsheets. The bed sheet dimensions are dependent on the type of bed. However, the standard bed sheet sizes that are available for a single bed sheet are 168 x 234 cm (66x92 inch), the double bed sheet size is 198 x 249 cm (78x98 inch), and the size of the queen size bed sheet is around 228 x 259 cm (90x102 inch). The standard size of the king size bedsheet in cm is 259x274 cm and 102 x 108 inches.

There are various factors to consider when you are purchasing bed sheets; however, none are quite as essential as trying to get the size right. When you want to purchase bed sheets, then you can easily guess the size of flat sheets. This is because flat sheets are loose-fitting. However, for fitted you need to be careful while trying to estimate the size as the fitted sheet is designed in such a way that it fits the mattress properly. Thus, to make things easy for you, the following chart depicts all the bed sheet sizes in India. This chart will help you purchase the perfect bed sheet for your room. If you are looking to purchase a king size bed sheet, king size bed sheet dimensions are also provided. There are two types of bed sheets: flat sheets and fitted sheets.


Fitted Sheets

Flat Sheets

Pillow Cases


60”W x 80” L Inches

90”W x 102” L Inches

18 x 28’’ Inch


36”W x 72” L Inches

66”W x 92” L Inches

18 x 28’’ Inch


48”W x 75” L Inches

78”W x 98” L Inches

18 x 28’’ Inch


72”W x 78” L Inches

102”W x 108” L Inches

18 x 28’’ Inch

Note: With these measurements, you can also evaluate the king size bedsheet size in feet and king size bedsheet size in meters.

Important Factors to Consider While Purchasing a Bedsheet

Other than trying to guess the bed sheet sizes, you need to consider other factors as well. Unquestionably, the design and fabric of the bed sheets are also equally important, particularly if you love decorating your room. Below are a few things you need to look for before getting a brand-new bed sheet. Following are the factors that you must consider while choosing a bedsheet for your room, especially a king bed sheet size:

  • Material: There are different varieties of materials for a king size bed sheet size, such as synthetic, linen, bamboo, and cotton. Also, some bedsheets comprise a blend of other fabrics along with jute. Also, some bed sheets are made of pure cotton with a Flannel effect. In such bed sheets, the makers comb the fabric so that the fibre gets fluffed up to give a softer feel. We already have a chart that displays the king size bedsheet size in inches. Do look that up before you make your purchase.
  • Weaving: Another very important feature that differentiates bed sheets from one another is the weaving technique. To put it across simply, one has to select between the percale and satin weaves. Percale bed sheets comprise a cross-cross weaving, that is, the one-over and one-under structural technique. Also, it is worth noting that they have around 200 to 220 thread count. This technique offers a smooth as well as a firm structure. A lot of people choose to purchase the bed set king size. We already have a chart that displays the king size bedsheet measurement. Do look that up before you make your purchase.
  • Style: Other than the king size sheet size, the other aspect you should always consider is the bed sheet style. After all, it defines and highlights the bedding aesthetics. You can choose from many single-color minimalist bed sheets, giving an elegant look and feel to your room. Other than that, you can also browse through the collection of embroidered and printed bed sheets that replicate precise royalty. Moreover, you can even purchase bed sheets with exquisite patchwork. These kinds of bed sheets add to the elegance of the room. The chart above displays the king size bedsheet size inches. Do go through the chart before you make your purchase.

Advantages Of Using King-Size Bedsheet

Using a king-size bedsheet offers several advantages, especially if you have a king-size bed. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Generous Coverage: King-size beds are larger than standard or queen-size beds, and a king-size bedsheet is designed to provide ample coverage. This means it can fully cover your mattress, even if it has a thick pillow-top or memory foam topper, ensuring a neat and tidy appearance.
  • Comfortable Sleeping: With more fabric to spare, king-size bedsheets allow for a greater amount of material to drape over the sides of the bed. This can enhance comfort while sleeping, as you won't feel constrained by a too-small sheet.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: King-size bedsheets can add a touch of luxury and sophistication to your bedroom decor. They often have more intricate patterns and designs, which can enhance the overall aesthetics of your bedroom.
  • Convenience: Making the bed with a king-size sheet can be easier compared to a smaller sheet because you have more fabric to work with. Tucking in the sheet is typically simpler, and it's less likely to come undone during the night.
  • Compatibility: If you have a king-size bed, using a king-size sheet is the most appropriate and functional choice. It will fit the dimensions of your bed perfectly, unlike smaller sheets that may require constant adjustment.
  • Room for Two: King-size beds are often chosen by couples who want more space while sleeping. Using a king-size sheet ensures that both partners have ample sheet coverage, reducing the likelihood of one person hogging all the bedding.
  • Options and Variety: King-size sheets come in a wide range of materials, thread counts, and colors, allowing you to select the perfect sheet to match your preferences and bedroom decor.
  • Versatility: If you ever upgrade to a larger bed size in the future, you can still use your king-size sheets. They can be repurposed for a California king bed or even used as a larger throw or picnic blanket.

Best Bedsheet for Your Bed

When you are looking to invest in a new bed sheet, we recommend that you check the material that the bed sheet is made of. Cotton is considered to be the best material for bed sheets. The best quality cotton is Egyptian cotton which is 100 percent cotton. The second best quality of cotton is Pima cotton, also known as Supima. If you are wondering which is better, Sateen or Percale, then you must know that both a great, and it just depends on your taste. Percale has a crisp and cool feel, so it works better for people who may overheat while they are sleeping. Sateen is a little heavier and has a satiny, smooth finish.


All the information that we have provided in this blog will help you choose the perfect bed sheet. We suggest you go through the size chart and get the proper size of the king bed sheet in cm. This will help you to select a bed sheet of accurate size for your bed. Also, we suggest that you choose subtle or pastel colors with a floral touch. Go ahead and purchase the perfect king size bed sheet size.

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