King Size vs. Queen Size Bed: Size And Comparison Guide

Choosing the right bed size for yourself can feel like a challenging task as you have to consider various parameters before making a choice. Since one size does not fit all, selecting the appropriate bed size is an important step in ensuring that you can sleep comfortably. Two of the bigger and most comfortable bed sizes available in the market are King size and Queen size beds. Read on to know the difference between king and queen-size beds to understand better which one would be best suited for you.

Comparison Chart


King size bed

Queen size bed


85 inches

78 inches


72 inches

60 inches

Room preference

Master bedrooms

Smaller bedrooms or guest rooms


More expensive



Extra space to sprawl and is comfortable for a couple who sleep with children or pets

It can easily fit into smaller spaces and is easy to move


Costly compared to a queen size and is difficult to move

It can feel a bit restricted for couples sleeping with a child or pet

King vs Queen Pros and Cons

Pros of a Queen Size Bed

  • It is a budget-friendly option.
  • It is ideal for smaller spaces.
  • It allows easier movability than the king-size bed.

Pros of a King Size Bed

  • It provides more space to sprawl.
  • It can comfortably sleep a couple and a child or a pet.
  • It is ideal for large bedrooms.

Cons of a Queen Size Bed

  • It provides less space to sprawl and is a bit restricted.
  • It is not recommended for couples who share a bed with a small child or a pet.
  • It may be uncomfortable for people who are very tall.

Cons of a King Size Bed

  • It is more costly than a queen size bed.
  • It is more difficult to move and relocate.
  • It cannot fit in small rooms.

Which Size Is Best for You?

Here are some pointers you can consider before making a choice between the both:

  • Bedroom size: If you have a smaller bedroom, a queen-size bed is ideal for you but if you have a bedroom with lots of space, go for the king size.
  • Bedroom location: King-size beds are big and bulky and are difficult to move, so it would be a problem, especially if your bedroom is upstairs. The width of the staircase and, in some cases, the door size must also be considered.
  • Sleeper Count: When choosing the size of a bed, the number of people who will be occupying the bed is an important consideration. Most couples will be comfortable sharing a queen bed, but those who require more room or sleep with a child and pet can upgrade to a king size.
  • Body Dimensions: The physical dimensions of you and your partner, as well as your preferred sleeping position, will all influence your decision between queen and king sizes. Couples with larger body dimensions can invest in a king-sized bed.
  • Budget: King beds are more expensive than queen beds of the same brand and model. Furthermore, bed frames, bedding, and other accessories will be more pricey for the larger king-size bed. A queen size bed is your best bet if you're on a tight budget.


  • What is the most popular bed size?

    A queen-size bed is more popular as it provides various benefits like easy movability and cost-efficiency and is ideal for a couple to sleep comfortably.

  • Can two adults sleep in a queen size bed?

    Yes, two adults can sleep comfortably in a queen size bed.

  • Who needs a king-size bed?

    If a couple has the space and budget, a king mattress will be more comfortable, especially if they sleep with a child or pet.

  • Which bed size is more easily movable?

    A queen-size bed is easier to move as it is comparatively smaller.

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