King vs. Queen Bed: What's the Difference?

Beds come in different sizes and styles, and your ideal bed size depends on your personal preferences, like the amount of space you need, whether you sleep alone or with a partner and children etc. King-size and queen-size beds are the two most popular bed size options. King-size beds are best suited for couples who sleep with a child or pet, while Queen size beds are comfortable for young couples. The difference between king and queen-size beds is mainly in their cost, size and mattress type. Read on to know more.

What is a King-size bed?

King-size beds are the widest beds available in the market. These beds are available in various styles, from traditional to modern, and are perfect for creating a grand luxurious look in large bedrooms. Plus, with a king bed, you'll get plenty of space for you and your partner to sprawl out.


The dimensions of king-size beds are 72 x 85 inches. A standard king-size mattress is not recommended unless your bedroom is at least 12×12.


One of the main benefits of king-size beds is that they provide plenty of sleeping space for couples who prefer to spread out while sleeping. They are ideal for couples with different sleeping needs as they can adjust their side of the bed to their comfort level. King-size beds are also great for people with different body types as they provide more space for them to spread out and sleep comfortably.


The main difference between king and queen-size beds is the size. So, king-size beds take up more space and wouldn’t be ideal for a small space. It also requires bedding, which can be more expensive, and it can be tricky to find sheets that fit properly.

What are Queen Size beds?

Queen-size beds are slightly larger than full-size beds. They come in various styles and are an excellent option for couples or individuals who don't have the room space for a king-size bed.


The dimensions of queen-size beds are 60 x 78 inches.


Queen-size beds are a great choice for single sleepers who prefer to spread out while sleeping and couples who like to sleep in close proximity. They are lighter than king-size beds and require smaller bed frames, which can be more cost-effective. Queen-size beds are also more affordable than king-size beds.


Firstly, the difference between king and queen-size beds is quite significant. A queen size bed can be uncomfortable for taller people or people who like to spread out during sleeping. Couples who need more space while sleeping can find a queen-size bed to be a bit restrictive.


There are many differences between king and queen-size beds. King-size beds are wider, making them ideal for couples who like to spread out, while queen-size beds are better for people looking for a more compact sleeping space. So, you can consider the room size, cost, and number of sleepers to choose the bed best suited for you.


  • What is the size of a king-size and queen-size bed?

    The dimensions of a king-size bed are 72 x 85 inches, whereas the dimensions of a queen-size bed are 60 x 78 inches.

  • Does a queen-size mattress fit one person comfortably?

    Yes, a queen-size mattress can fit a single sleeper comfortably. A full-size mattress is typical for single sleepers, but a queen-size mattress will give you more room to spread out and even allow your pet to join you if you'd like

  • What makes a king-size bed superior to a queen?

    For couples who need more space while sleeping or people who share a bed with children or pets, a king-size bed is preferable. Thus, a king-size bed is superior to a queen in terms of space and more area to spread out.

  • Are double beds equivalent to queen beds?

    No, a double bed and a queen-size bed are not equivalent. Full-size beds are shorter and narrower than queen-size beds.

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