Queen Size Bed Dimensions Cm | Full Guide

Queen Size Bed Dimensions Cm Chart and Guide

Deciding the feel and comfort of the bed mattress is important, but a frequently- overlooked aspect is the size of mattress. One of the most crucial steps toward achieving the ultimate goal of a sweet good night's sleep is selecting the right mattress size.

It might be challenging to select the best and ideal size from a huge selection of possibilities when you are shopping for a new mattress. Finding the proper fit for oneself might be difficult because there isn't much of a difference in certain sizes' measurements. When deciding on the perfect bed size, the two most important considerations are the budget and the size of your bedroom.

Queen Size Bed Dimensions Cm

You will know the queen size bed sheet dimensions in cm and mattress sizes available and their suggested room size for each of them in our Mattress sizes and measurements guide to help you pick the mattress size that best fits your needs.

However, a queen bed size dimensions in cm is cozy and a mattress which is 78 inches and by 60 inches is the most common choice for most houses. However, many individuals choose to go with a Double bed mattress (75 inches by 48 inches) or a bigger King size mattress (78 inches by 72 inches).

What is Queen Size Mattress

Let's talk about a queen size bed dimensions in cm. A queen-size mattress is very popular with couples who don't need a lot of room or with solitary adults who need some extra space when they sleep. The normal queen size bed dimensions cm singapore is suggested for couples, so it may be a perfect bed for the guest room or master bedroom and easily fit extra sleepers for a few nights. This is the most common size of mattress which accessibly fits into nearly any size of room and can accommodate two or more sleeper.

A smaller queen size that measures 75 inches in length by 60 inches and in breadth is also offered. If your room is limited, you could pick this size. If the mattress is less than 75 inches in length, the feet could not be on the bed.

Imported beds are typically 195 cm by 150 cm and measured in metric units. A bespoke order should be placed for this size because the regular size (198 by 152 cm) would be larger.

Queen Size Bed Dimensions Cm

The queen size bed dimensions in cm India are 78 inches x 60 inches (198 cm by 152 cm).

Recommended room size is: 10 feet by 10 feet

Queen Size Bed Common Questions

  1. What is the difference between a single and a twin mattress?
    The standard queen size bed dimensions in cm of a single mattress is very smaller than a twin and highly suited for toddlers. A mattress of twin-size will fit a toddler or a youngster moving out of a crib, but that will also expand as they become older. Even teens can sleep in twin-size beds.

  2. What is the most popular mattress size?
    The queen mattress size is currently the most popular. Although it's big enough for most couples, it nevertheless fits inside a typical bedroom. For solitary people who want more surface space than a twin-size mattress can offer, it's also a wonderful alternative.

  3. What bed size should I get?
    Choosing a bed size should be based on a lot of factors including bedroom size, a person’s body type and height, and their relationship status(couple, married, or single). While couples prefer bigger bed sizes, ranging from Queen to California King, most single sleepers may utilize practically any mattress size.

  4. Which bed size is the largest?
    Alaskan King bed is the largest bed size measuring 108 ” x 108 ”( 274 x 274 cm). The biggest bed in history, measuring 87' x 54' (26.5 x 16.44 m), was specially constructed for the St. Gregorius summer festival in Hertme, the Netherlands in 2011. Because of this, it's perfect for those who are taller than usual or who just like having lots of space to spread out. An Alaskan king mattress may be pretty pricey, so all that extra space comes at a cost.

  5. How to choose the right mattress size based on your requirements?
    The size of a mattress is a crucial factor to take into account. After all, you want to ensure that you have enough space to sleep properly and that your mattress doesn't take up too much space in your bedroom. But how can you tell which mattress size is ideal for your bed?

Let's go through a few considerations for selecting a mattress size:

  • Bedroom Size: The size of your room is an important factor you need to consider. You could believe that you require a California King bed, but your room will only fit a Queen bed. If you don't know the dimensions of queen size bed in cm of your room, you won't know what kind of mattress you can actually afford, and you risk spending too much money on a mattress that won't fit in your room.
    A mattress fits easily into a room such that the addition of the mattress does not hinder the portable space, and does not make the cabinetwork and other assortments look like they are cramping the required freedom of the room. In a nutshell, you don't want a new mattress to make you feel as though the bedroom is aesthetically distressing.
  • Bedroom Position: It is quite challenging to move heavier mattresses, such as the Queen, King, and California King. Additionally, mattresses don't perform well if they are damaged during travel; in fact, a defect might significantly lower a mattress' effectiveness.
    For instance, if a mattress designed to relieve back discomfort gets scrunched up in a tight corner, the mattress' even alignment is disturbed, resulting in dents and alignments that can eventually harm your back. Therefore, whether you live on the ground level, a story above ground, or in a high rise, is just as vital to take into account. Whatever the case, make sure you plan for the mattress to be delivered and placed in perfect shape.


Finding the ideal size mattress is just as crucial to your total comfort as your choice of firmness and mattress type. Space is essential for maximizing your comfort while you sleep, not just the space in your bed but also for the aesthetics of the area in your bedroom. You have to know the balance between the requirements, your room size, and the budget is important to get the most out of the mattress.

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