Sounds of Sleep Season 2

We are back to give a contemporary ode to lullabies - the oldest known sleep aid. For Season 2 we have created four original compositions with India's favorite artists. From Hindi to Bengali and Tamil to Telugu, all of our sleep songs celebrate the diversity of our languages and the rich tradition of lullabies.

We have co-created these sounds of sleep with India's favorite artists like Armaan Malik, Arko Mukherjee, Mahalaxmi Iyer and Siddharth Mahadevan as their version of new-age lullabies.

Nindiya Re: Armaan Malik

Tune in to Armaan Malik's first-ever lullaby on Duroflex Sounds of Sleep, Season 2. It rhythmically narrates a dialogue between sleep and the sleeper in the singer's melodious voice.

The sleep song co-created with Armaan is reminiscent of his childhood memories of falling asleep to loris sung by his mum.

Aye Ghum: Arko Mukherjee

This lullaby is a true musical melody composed to soothe your senses just before sleep time. Inspired by Bengali folklore, it romanticizes the nightfall in the ever so sweet language.

Arko’s tuneful rendition makes this lullaby an unmissable part of your sleep routine.

Thaalaattu: Mahalakshmi Iyer

The Oscar-winning song "Jai Ho" fame, Mahalakshmi Iyer's soothing lullaby in Tamil on Duroflex Sounds of Sleep, Season 2 is no less than a bedtime tale sung to have you unwind right away.

The sleep song is composed to transport you to a world of enchantment with its nostalgic melody and playful tune

Jaabili: Siddharth Mahadevan

Siddharth Mahadevan hits the right chords with a Telugu lullaby, "Jaabili" on Duroflex Sounds of Sleep, Season 2. The sleep song will have you walk into a landscape of memories while easing you into bedtime.

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