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Natural Living

Natural Living

Sleep In The Lap Of Nature

Bring the best of nature into your bedroom with our Natural Living Range of mattresses. Crafted from the best natural materials, this range is rooted in the principles of sustainable living and is carbon conscious. This eco-friendly range uses biodegradable and 100 % natural materials like latex, coir and organic cotton fabric so you can sleep the way nature intended. These eco-friendly mattresses are not only the epitome of luxury but also a green lifestyle choice. The latex used for this range is ethically sourced locally in Kerala, where the journey of Duroflex began 5 decades ago. The unique aesthetics of this designer mattress are inspired by flora livening up your bedroom and bringing you closer to the lap of nature.
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Prominent features

100% Natural Pincore Latex

Latex is concocted from the sap of rubber trees and is completely natural. Latex is naturally resilient and supportive making it one of the best material to sleep on .While latex in itself is natural and cool, the pin cores on the latex enhance air circulation making the mattress more breathable, fresh and hygienic.

Organic Cotton Fabric

The fabric of natural living range is infused with organically grown cotton. The natural coolness of cotton imparts a soft and luxurious feel to the mattress making your sleep a truly transcendent experience

High Density Coir

A natural material touted for it’s supportive properties, our high density coir is specially sourced and reinforced to create a firm and durable supportive layer. Coir is also naturally cool, keeping the mattress well ventilated, fresh and hygienic for long periods of time.
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