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Mattress in Nagpur

  • LiveIn Roll Pack Memory Foam Mattress With Triple Anti Microbial Fabric by Duroflex Mattress

    LiveIn Memory Foam Mattress

    Selling Price : ₹ 9262.00

    Get ready to live outside the box with LiveIn roll pack mattress. Designed using high-performance memory foam and finished with a high resilience f...

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  • LiveIn Duropedic Roll Pack - Orthopedic Support Memory Foam Mattress with Triple Anti Microbial Fabric - Duroflex - Recommended by Doctors – Couple in the Picture

    LiveIn Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress

    Selling Price : ₹ 10288.00

    As India's number one orthopedic bed-in-a-box, LiveIn Duropedic is an advanced back support mattress that promises you a healthy and restful sleep...

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  • Coir Mattress

    Back Magic Orthopedic Coir Mattress

    Selling Price : ₹ 9556.00

    Forget back pain! Duroflex presents Back Magic, certified by National Health Academy, this orthopedic mattress is part of the Duropedic range by D...

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  • LiveIn 2 in 1 Dual Sided Roll Pack Mattress

    Selling Price : ₹ 8903.00

    Duroflex’s LiveIn 2 in 1 is a dual-sided roll pack mattress designed to listen to your ever-changing need for personalized support along with a sa...

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  • Duroflex Balance – Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress

    Balance Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress

    Selling Price : ₹ 13893.00

    Research-backed and designed to perfection, Balance is all about a rejuvenating sleep experience accompanied by enhanced 5 zoned body support. Ide...

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  • Duroflex Strength - Orthopedic Coir and Foam Mattress - Recommended by Doctors - Father Daughter playing on bed

    Strength Memory Foam Coir Orthopedic Mattress

    Selling Price : ₹ 12795.00

    Experience the power of deep sleep with Strength. Designed with high density coir for firm support and natural coolness, this certified orthopedic...

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  • Durobond NXT Reversible Coir Mattress

    Selling Price : ₹ 8050.00

    Designed for comfort and durability, Durobond NXT by Duroflex is a high density coir mattress designed for firm back support and dual-sided use. N...

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  • Velocity Plus – Pocket Spring Euro Top Mattress - With Pillows on Top - Duroflex

    Velocity Plus Pocket Spring Euro Top Mattress

    Selling Price : ₹ 16292.00

    Velocity Plus is a premium 3 Zoned pocket spring mattress that is enhanced with a cushiony euro top for those who like to be cradled in the cushio...

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  • Rise Spring Soft Mattress

    Selling Price : ₹ 8940.00

    Rise strikes the perfect balance between support and bounce due to its layer of resilient bonnell springs that is sandwiched between layers of foa...

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  • Posture Perfect - Orthopedic Zero Partner Disturbance Memory Foam Mattress - Duroflex - Recommended by Doctors – Girl working on mattress

    Posture Perfect Pocket Spring Orthopedic Mattress

    Selling Price : ₹ 26473.00

    A pocket spring mattress with memory foam, Posture Perfect by Duroflex combines the latest orthopedic technologies to help your body unwind at ...

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  • Rise Up Spring Mattress With Pillow Top

    Selling Price : ₹ 10508.00

    Rise up to unbeatable firm support and cosy comfort with this bonnell spring mattress with an ultra-soft pillow top surface. The bonnell spring la...

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  • Edge Dual Sided Foam Mattress

    Selling Price : ₹ 6001.00

    Duroflex Edge is a high resilient double sided foam mattress with a firm durable core. It is firm on one side and soft on the opposite side. The q...

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  • Velocity – Pocket Spring Mattress - With Pillows on Top - Duroflex

    Velocity Pocket Spring Mattress

    Selling Price : ₹ 14720.00

    Designed to get you ready for tomorrow, Velocity makes for an ideal pocket spring mattress for those who want softer and very gentle support. T...

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  • Tatva Natural Latex and Coir Mattress

    Selling Price : ₹ 25262.00

    Tatva is crafted using the goodness of two natural materials, natural latex and coir, to provide a sleep experience that is truly transcendent. Th...

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  • Endure – Bonnell Spring Pillow Top Mattress - With Pillows on Top - Duroflex

    Endure Spring Mattress With Pillow Top

    Selling Price : ₹ 14970.00

    With an uber-soft surface and a firm base, Endure by Duroflex is a bonnell spring mattress that matches support with comfort. The topmost layer of...

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  • Prana Pocket Spring Latex Mattress

    Selling Price : ₹ 25633.00

    Treat yourself to a sleep experience derived from the goodness of nature. Prana is a unique 3-zoned pocket spring mattress with a natural pin core...

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  • Evoke - Bonnell Spring Mattress With Anti Stress Fabric - Duroflex

    Evoke Minimal Bounce Spring Mattress

    Selling Price : ₹ 12834.00

    Evoke by Duroflex uses bonnell springs with minimal bounce to increase support, and layers of soft foam to cushion your body. This is complemented...

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  • NRG 40 - Memory Foam Mattress with Anti Stress Fabric - Boy on Bed - Duroflex

    NRG 40 Qube Cell Memory Foam Mattress

    Selling Price : ₹ 34336.00

    Wake up feeling rested and refreshed with NRG 40’s luxe feel and exclusive 3-Zoned Active NRG Layer that provides optimum spinal alignment and zon...

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  • NRG 20 – Pocket Spring Memory Foam Mattress - Girl tying shoelaces - Duroflex

    NRG 20 Pocket Spring Memory Foam Mattress

    Selling Price : ₹ 34132.00

    If a premium pocket spring mattress is your calling, NRG 20 is the one for you! Enhanced by us with high-performance memory foam, this mattress fea...

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  • Uplift Lavender Infused Memory Foam Mattress

    Selling Price : ₹ 8182.00

    Duroflex Uplift is a memory foam mattress designed for plush comfort and enhanced body support. It is infused with lavender for additional aromath...

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  • Balance Plus Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress With Euro Top

    Selling Price : ₹ 15649.00

    Upgrade to a research-backed mattress, promising extra plushness along with the most advanced back support and a special Euro top finish. Balance P...

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  • Kaya Chemical Free Natural Latex Mattress

    Selling Price : ₹ 40982.00

    100% chemical free, Kaya natural latex mattress is the closest that a new-age mattress can get to nature. The core is 100% natural latex with orga...

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Buy Online Mattresses in Nagpur

We all spend so much of our lives sleeping. Mattresses are one of the most important things that we need to buy because it helps us to sleep well. It is our place for comfort, reflection and rejuvenation.

If you are looking for reliable online mattress shops in Nagpur that delivers you the mattress you have been looking for, let us tell you that your search ends here. Duroflex has plenty of mattress stores in Nagpur. We provide an exclusive range of mattresses to our customers based on their comfort and according to the specific requirements. The best part of our service is that you can simply buy a mattress in Nagpur via our website and get it delivered at your doorsteps, with no hassle.  

How to choose the right Mattress?

The need for a quality mattress greatly varies from one person to the next. It all comes down to your sleeping style and personal preference. A majority of people experience better sleep with a comfortable mattress. This is because a high-quality mattress offers support, making it easier to sleep soundly and feel relaxed. Having this in mind can help you have the best nights’ rest time and time again!

Choosing a mattress for our sleep is quite a difficult job. If you are a stomach sleeper or back sleeper, you should opt for a mattress which is made of latex and memory foam.

The mattress we recommend for single sleepers, who tend to move around during sleep, is a firm one. It will reduce movement during sleep and this gives enough support to their body. In the case of two people sharing the same bed, who tend to stay in one place while they sleep, it is better for them to opt for a medium-soft mattress or pillow top mattress that can be perfect for an overall body support and comfort and lessens joint pressure!

You might spend a good 6-8 hours at least prone on your mattress, so make sure that you find one that is right for you! Get to know the following five factors, and then find a mattress.

1. Choose a mattress that is appropriate for your sleeping posture 
2. Examine the mattress's material and composition. 
3. The kind of warranty provided 
4. Look for features like motion isolation and temperature control. 
5. Examine the mattress's processing and production technique. 

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frequently asked questions

How many Duroflex stores are available in Nagpur?
Change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.There are around 4 offline Duroflex stores in Nagpur. Choose your nearest Duroflex store to shop for all your mattress needs.
What type of mattress is best for Nagpur people or climate?
Nagpur faces extreme hot climate during the summer and the city records a temperature in the mid 20s during winter. Hence, a latex mattress is the best choice for the people living in this city.
What should you consider while you buy Mattress in Nagpur for Your Bedroom?
Before buying a mattress , you should consider your mattress usage, budget, durability requirement and comfort . If you are buying a mattress for your bed, then you should consider these factors before buying it. If you have chronic diseases then you should consider buying a mattress which is more comfortable. If you are buying a mattress for a guest bedroom, then a soft mattress is the best. For your kid's bedroom, you should buy a mattress which is comfortable. Soft and comfortable mattress is the best option for a guest bedroom. If you are buying a mattress for your bed, then you should buy a mattress which is more durable. It will last long and you will be able to use it in your next home too. You should buy a mattress which is more comfortable and durable.
Where can we get good mattresses in Nagpur?
There are around 4 offline Duroflex stores in Indore. You can also buy it online from our website. Shop for your favorite mattress at the most reasonable price from Duroflex.